Light installations for companies

Light installations for companies

Lumino is an ambitious and promising project aimed at individuals but also companies

interested in surprising with unique lighting installations.

Thanks to a team of experts that includes the different professional skills useful to the field

of light design, Lumino is able to support companies in the design, production and fitting out of tailor-made luminaries.

From consulting to assembly

The working group operating in the project Lumino realizes set-ups, sets and installations

starting from the concept of the luminary but ranging to the avant-garde.

There are no limits to creativity and furnishing solutions: from the first consultation,

to the production of the object up to the assembly of the same, Lumino guarantees quality

in the work in every phase. The plus of the service offered to the companies is represented

by the possibility to buy the light installations or to rent them temporarily, so as to be able

to better enhance points of sale, showrooms, showcases, film and photographic sets and any other valuable context

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