From the point of view of the realization, the Lumino project proposes a contemporary vision starting from the material chosen for the furnishing illuminations. Unlike the most common objects, made of traditional materials, Lumino luminaries have a wooden structure, but in addition have a heart entirely made of plexiglass. This feature offers the object of furniture many advantages, including:
• the possibility of engraving the design of the object you want to reproduce (so no longer just the template);
• make the structure more reflective and, therefore, amplify the light bulbs;
• shape the structure according to any need of furniture or equipment.
The versatility of plexiglass and the use of cutting-edge technological machinery allow high precision engraving, impossible to replicate with other materials.

The project of Luigi Abaterusso, supported by Mattia De Cagna (part of the de Cagna family, for four generations leader in the field of Salento illuminations), is proposed as the evolution of the most traditional concept of illuminations. Being able to entirely engrave the material, in fact, allows to give the object an unprecedented three-dimensionality, functional to the passage of light in all its parts. Lumino light installations are inspired by the shapes and objects of the Apulian tradition, and then expand their ambitions and open to an international style.

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