How the Lumino lightdesign project was born

How the Lumino lightdesign project was born

The Lumino project represents the point of dialogue between the traditional Apulian

luminaries and the latest trends in contemporary design. It is no coincidence that the idea

was born from the encounter of the creativity of two professionals belonging to the two different worlds.

Referring to the typical style of the "parazioni" of Salento, Lumino embarks on an avant-garde

road that involves the total engraving of materials: this processing, unique in its kind, makes the

luminaries real furnishing objects, able not only to be a source of light but to be themselves crossed

by light in every part of them. From the observation, study and professional experience of the team,

in a few months the Lumino project has taken shape, defining itself better and better.

Today the catalogue of wooden and plexiglass luminaries has more than 15 references,

available in different sizes. But not only that. Thanks to a reliable system of design,

construction and logistics, Lumino is also aimed at companies interested in creating customized

lighting installations or installations of great visual and emotional impact.

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